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With 60% of people complain of gas and bloating 2 or more times per week, it seems obvious that the existing over the counter (OTC) remedies for digestive discomfort are not very effective.

This is why Wellness expert and entrepreneur Jovanka Ciares partnered with Natural Stacks to develop D-Gest – a convenient, discreet, safe, all natural and very effective formula for gas and bloating, giving you relief in just minutes.

Simply put, D-Gest helps you eliminate discomfort, pain and embarrassment by reducing gas and improving digestion. The product differentiate from the current popular over-the-counter remedies because of its:

All Natura Herbal Formula – clean, organic, vegetarian herbal formula that is safe and healthy for you. We will use herbs that Eastern Medicine have used for centuries to treat the symptoms of gas and bloating quickly and effectively.

Portability – easy access as it comes in a package that you can carry with you every day and take it as soon as symptoms appear.

Cool, Discreet Packaging – think the Virgin America of digestive supplements, the Apple of gas relief.

Form – Our tablets will be tasty, chewable and small. No need to take it with water, as you would a pill nor will it leave a “chalkie” feeling as in the case of some existing liquid options.

The team behind D-Gest include nutrition coach Jovanka Ciares, who teamed up with Roy Krebs and Ben Hebert, the successful team behind Natural Stacks, to revolutionize the digestive aid and digestive supplement industry.

The team created a Crowdfunding Campaign via Indiegogo to raise the initial startup capital. Learn more through this link: http://igg.me/at/d-gest

The funds will cover finalizing the proprietary formulation, testing and creating a product to be ready for sale (including ingredient sourcing, formulation, testing, packaging, supplement facts and labeling, website creation / e-commerce set-up, fulfillment set-up, customer service/email infrastructure set-up).

D-gest is expected to be ready for sale in the 4th Quarter of 2015.

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